The Ashram Campus

Unique Environment and Ethos of the Ashram for the Centre

The life at the ashram is peaceful, dignified and silent. The inmates of the Ashram follow a simple lifestyle in tune with ideals set forth by Mahatma. It imparts the experience of a simple life that starts with early Morning Prayer and voluntary manual labour such as farming,sanitation, and other works related to the management of the Ashram. This environment provides a unique and unforgettable opportunity for an individual to develop a new vision of harmonious life based on self discipline, respect for labour, self reliance and altruism. With the new facilities in the vicinity of the Ashram, the centre provides an environment for serious academic pursuits. This blend of ashram and academic training is an invaluable asset for people from different walks of life looking for alternatives to overcome the economic, social and ethical maladies brought about by modern technological change and advancement. This will attract youth, students, academics, practitioners and activists not only from India but also from all over the globe.